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Ingeborg M. Vass

Ingeborg Vass emigrated from Austria to the United States and settled in Arlington, Virginia near Washington, DC. She had been trained as a scientific illustrator in Austria, and her sharply detailed watercolor renderings show the precision typical of such a background. She made the acquaintance of George Switzer, who was at that time the Chairman of the Department of Mineral Sciences at the Smithsonian Institution, and he loaned her a number of Smithsonian specimens to illustrate. Two of the paintings she produced are still in Switzer's possession. In the early years of the Mineralogical Record two of her paintings appeared on covers, one of them (a smoky quartz with amazonite) appearing on the second issue in 1970 and the other in 1971. Unfortunately Mrs. Vass was involved in a car accident that resulted in the loss of one eye, and she ceased painting. She died in Arlington in 1993.

Paintings by Ingeborg Vass are quite rare, and we would like to display more of them here. Anyone reading this who owns one of her paintings is invited to send us a scan or photo of it for posting. Contact Wendell Wilson at


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The Mineralogical Record: Ingeborg M. Vass - Tourmaline Tourmaline
Watercolor on art paper (before 1968), probably painted from an 8-inch crystal group from the Queen mine, San Diego County, California thought to be in the Harvard Mineralogical Museum. This painting was found in the Smithsonian among the papers of mineralogist Waldemar T. Schaller following his death in 1968, and has been attributed to Ingeborg Vass. It was published in R. V. Dietrich's book The Tourmaline Group.
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