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 Slyotov & Makarenko
(1955 & 1979-    )

Victor Slyotov was born in Moscow, Russia in 1955, and from early childhood showed a strong interest in mineralogy. He joined geological youth clubs while growing up and studied mineralogy at the geological college at Moscow State University, graduating in 1977. His first drawings of mineral specimens were shown in the annual Moscow exhibition "Beautiful World of Stone" in 1983. He has also shown his artwork at exhibitions held in the Fersman Mineralogical Muzeum in Moscow (February 2001 to October 2002), the Vernadskiy State Geology Muzeum (April 2003), and the Russian Academy of Art(June 2004). Some of his drawings have also been published in his scientific articles. And he was the recipient of the 2004 "Philanthrop Award," given in recognition of "novelty and originality in art."

Victor's mineral collection, which he has been building for more than 30 years, numbers nearly 2000 specimens and reflects his scientific and aesthetic interests, centering on the morphology and ontogeny of crystals. Almost all of his drawings are of specimens from his own collection.

In 2000 Victor met Vladimir Makarenko, and introduced him to the concepts of mineralogy and mineral art. Vladimir was born in Klin city, a suburb of Moscow, Russia in 1979. In 1996 he graduated from college with a degree in graphic design, then took courses for two years at the Tver College of Art, specializing in Batique printing. He participated in numerous exhibits at the Tver College and in Moscow, where he took prizes and received his diploma. Under Viktor's influence, he took on a new goal: to create artworks that show the mineral world in all its beauty. Since that time Victor Slyotov and Vladimir Makarenko have been working together on numerous mineralogical artworks, as well as working independently on others (captions to the artworks shown here specify who was involved in the creation of each one). They have also collaborated on the Ontogeny of Minerals in Drawings publishing project, now in its third volume. The drawings and paintings they present combine a scholarly structural and genetic approach to minerals with the fine-art feeling of beauty encountered in individual specimens and crystal aggregates, reviving the best mineralogical traditions of the past by portraying both scientific and artistic elements of the mineral world. All of the artworks shown here are taken from that series.

DYMKOV, Y. M. (2005)About the wonderful drawings of minerals by Victor Slyotov and Vladimir Makarenko. In New data on minerals,volume 40, published by Ocean Pictures, Moscow.
ROBINSON, S. (2004) Media reviews: Drawing Minerals by Viktor Slyotov and Vladimir Makarenko. Rocks & Minerals,79, 67-68.
See also the Internet publication of a gallery of visual art mineral/index.html
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The Mineralogical Record:  Slyotov & Makarenko  - Fluorite with Calcite Twins Fluorite with Calcite Twins
From Kadamjai,Kirgizia; 3-cm specimen. Watercolor on artboard. V. Slyotov & V. Makarenko, copyright 2005.
The Mineralogical Record:  Slyotov & Makarenko  - Sulfur  and Celestite Sulfur and Celestite
Watercolor on artboard; from a 1.5-cm specimen from Shor-Su, Uzbekistan. V. Slyotov, V. Makarenko, 2004.
The Mineralogical Record:  Slyotov & Makarenko  - Amethyst Scepter Amethyst Scepter
Indian ink and watercolor on artboard; from a 5-cm specimen from Aldan, Yakutia, Russia. V. Makarenko, 2001.
The Mineralogical Record:  Slyotov & Makarenko  - Turquoise Concretion Turquoise Concretion
Watercolor on artboard; from a 4-cm specimen from the Auminza Deposit, Kyzyl-Kum, Central Asia. V. Slyotov, 1987.
The Mineralogical Record:  Slyotov & Makarenko  - Vivianite Crystals in a Shell Vivianite Crystals in a Shell
Watercolor on artboard; from a 3.5-cm specimen from Kerch, Crimea, Ukraine. V. Slyotov, V. Makarenko, 2002.
The Mineralogical Record:  Slyotov & Makarenko  - Chalcedony Concretion Chalcedony Concretion
Indian ink on artboard; from a 4-cm specimen from Rusavkino, Moscow district, Russia. V. Slyotov, 1980.
The Mineralogical Record:  Slyotov & Makarenko  - Quartz Crystals on Agate Quartz Crystals on Agate
Indian ink on artboard; from a 3-cm specimen from Rusavkino, Moscow district, Russia. V. Slyotov, 1990.
The Mineralogical Record:  Slyotov & Makarenko  - Stibnite and Quartz Stibnite and Quartz
Indian ink on artboard; from an 8-cm specimrn from Kadamjai,Kirgizia. V. Slyotov and V. Makarenko, 2001.
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