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Wulfen’s Treatise on Carinthian Wulfenite (1785)

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The Mineralogical Record Bookstore: Wulfen’s Treatise on Carinthian Wulfenite (1785) - Franz Xavier von Wulfen

Hardcover, 424 pages
Published by Mineralogical Record
Dimensions 8.5 X 11 (inches)
Price $290.00

Wulfen’s Treatise on Carinthian Wulfenite (1785)

by Franz Xavier von Wulfen


This is the 10th volume in our Antiquarian Reprint Series, Wulfen’s work on wulfenite (1785 and 1781), the most lavish description of a new mineral species in the history of mineralogy.

For this edition we have included: (1) a new introduction to Wulfen and his techniques, in English; (2) a new biography of Wulfen by Curtis Schuh, in English; (3) high-fidelity reproductions of the 21 color plates showing 46 specimens; (4) a new English translation of Wulfen’s 26-page introduction, produced for us by Quintin and Willow Wight; (5) a full facsimile reprint of the text of the 1785 edition (in German); (6) a full facsimile reprint of the text of the 1791 edition (in Latin); (7) a full facsimile reprint of an extremely rare biography of Wulfen published in 1810 (in German); and (8) an article be Gerhard Niedermayr on the Bleiberg district where Wulfen obtained his specimens of wulfenite (in English). Considering all of these feature it should be no surprise that this reprint, well over 400 pages total, took over two years to prepare. It’s the ultimate historical work on wulfenite.

The book is printed on 24-pound, 100% cotton archival paper, and beautifully hand-bound in cloth-covered boards with a maroon calfskin spine, raised bands and a gold-stamped black leather spine label. Only 150 numbered copies were produced.

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