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DVD: What's Hot in Tucson 2011

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The Mineralogical Record Bookstore: DVD: What's Hot in Tucson 2011 - David Wilber and Bob Jones

Softcover, 0 pages
Published by BlueCap Productions
Dimensions 5 x 5.5 (inches)
Price $30.00

DVD: What's Hot in Tucson 2011

by David Wilber and Bob Jones

Four-hours of non-stop mineral fun on 2 DVDs! What's Hot In Tucson returns for its fifth year with Show Hosts David Wilber and Bob Jones spending three full weeks in Tucson, Arizona touring the largest mineral show in the world! They visit dealers and collectors from the Hotel Tucson City Center (formerly known as the InnSuites), Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show, Fine Minerals International Show, The Westward Look Mineral Show and round it all up with the Tucson Gem and Mineral Society Show (aka The Main Show). Along the way they see some of the Ilvites from China that made such a huge hit, the Russian Cuprites that were one of the hottest new finds at Tucson, one of the finest emerald specimens in the world, a behind-the-scenes viewing of the new Kunzites from Pala, an exclusive interview with the owner of the Tourmaline Queen Mine and the first owner of the world-famous Rabbit Ears Blue cap (Dave Wilber was the second owner) and much more! And Master Photographer Jeff Scovil shares his top ten picks for specimens he photographed while on location in Tucson.

Why sit around in the evening watching bad television when you can pop these disks into your machine and be treated to mineral collecting information and images that you will never see on PBS or the Discovery Channel?

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