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DVD: The New Crystal Hunters -- Arkansas

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The Mineralogical Record Bookstore: DVD:  The New Crystal Hunters -- Arkansas - Bryan Swoboda

Softcover, 0 pages
Published by BlueCap Productions
Dimensions 5.5 x 7 (inches)
Price $24.99 $19.99

DVD: The New Crystal Hunters -- Arkansas

by Bryan Swoboda

Field collecting adventures for kids!

In this episode the New Crystal Hunters visit the great state of Arkansas in search of mineral treasures. The first stop is Crater of Diamonds State Park -- the world's only diamond mine open to public collecting, where you get to keep all the diamonds you find. Our young collectors learn from diamond hunter Glenn Worthington how to dig, sift, and find real diamonds!

Next the kids are off to an exciting and productive day at Ron Coleman's Quartz mine, where they dig for water-clear quartz crystals. They also visit a local water park, the Ko-Do-Ha Indian Burial Mound, and the resort town of Hot Springs, Arkansas (President Bill Clinton's hometown).

Along the way, the kids share an unforgettable adventure and manage to dig up some fabulous treasures that may surprise you!

New Crystal Hunters: Arkansas is part of an on-going series of educational DVD programs where kids get to search for their very own crystalline treasures around the world. Each episode provides all the contact information you need to get out of the house and become a New Crystal Hunter!

[Running time: 44 minutes]

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