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Louis Sæmann

Louis Sæmann was born in Görlitz, Saxony, on November 11, 1821. He began as a fossil collector and worked for Adam August Krantz (1808-1872) in Berlin before opening his own competing shop in Paris in 1850. He was apparently well versed in the science of mineralogy, and wroter various paleontological studies as well, including "Uber die Nautiliden"
(Palaeonto-graphica, 3, 121–167) in 1854, and "Etude critique sur les Echinodermes fossiles du Coral-rag de Trouville" (Bulletin de la Societe géologique de France, 2, 19, p. 168-184) in 1861, demonstrating a scholarly knowledge of fossils as well as minerals. He served as editor for the book Nouveau cours de la Minéralogie (1862; three volumes plus atlas) by Gabriel Delafosse (1796-1878), a work in which his own mineral catalog was included as a supplement [... "catalogue d'éditeur Louis Saemann à Paris"]. He died in Paris, France on September 13, 1866, and his mineral business was then purchased by his old mentor, Adam Krantz in Bonn.

Several important Saemann specimens are preserved today in the School of Mines, Paris, including so-called type specimens of the now-discredited species latrobite (supplied by Sæmann in 1863), and waltherite (supplied by Sæmann in 1865), as well as a specimen of adamite which Sæmann had obtained from Gilbert-Joseph Adam himself. The Australian Museum in Sydney acquired 536 mineral specimens from Sæmann in 1861. The earliest dated label in the Mineralogical Record Archive is from 1857. He also dealt in rock samples, and had fully pre-printed labels for many of his minerals and rocks. Many of his detailed, mostly pre-printed labels listed species synonyms according to the authorities of the day, and even included a category for accessory minerals.

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The Mineralogical Record - Louis Sæmann 39 x 59 mm,
Handwritten on the back: "1857. S. Libethenite et Libethenite amorphé de Berthier?"
The Mineralogical Record - Louis Sæmann 43 x 69 mm,
The Mineralogical Record - Louis Sæmann 42 x 54 mm,
Label (1863-1866) for the now-discredited species schefferite [=manganoan diopside], originally described in 1863. On the back is handwritten "Pyroxene."
The Mineralogical Record - Louis Sæmann 43 x 69 mm,
Label (1850-1866) for a specimen of siderite with quartz from Rudruth, Cornwall.
The Mineralogical Record - Louis Sæmann 42 x 69 mm,
Label (1850-1866) for a tetrahedrite from Felsobanya, Hungary
The Mineralogical Record - Louis Sæmann 42 x 69 mm,
The Mineralogical Record - Louis Sæmann 36 x 66 mm,
A label with most of the edge trimmed off (to remove Saemann's name), and with the stamp of A. Krantz in Bonn, who bought out Saemann's mineral business in 1866. Therefore this label was written before the sale, passed to Krantz in 1866 along with its specimen, and was then modified.
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